21st April 2017
ABSENTEE AUCTION of Whisky & Brewery Advertising Memorabilia

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Lot No. Photo (click to enlarge) Description
501 click to enlarge 501. HAIG & HAIG 2
125mm tall, Doulton Lambeth salt glaze stoneware, Haig & Haig Distillers since 1679 Whisky, rim edge chips, Good, R$50
502 click to enlarge 502. KING GEORGE
155mm tall, 2 tone blue body, King George IV Whisky D.C.L., no pm, professional repair to ice catcher, VG, R$100
503 click to enlarge 503. KING GEORGE 2
130mm tall, pale blue body, King George IV Old Whisky, Moulin pm, crazing, VG, R$125
504 504. KING GEORGE 3
105mm tall, King George IV Whisky, Lawson Woods coloured print, Royal Doulton pm, wear to decoration, VG, R$75
505 click to enlarge 505. KING GEORGE 4
110mm tall, King George IV Whisky Monarch of all Whiskies, picture of the King to sides, Distillers pm VG, R$75
506 click to enlarge 506. KING GEORGE 5
140mm tall, King George IV Scotch Whisky Top Notch, Royal Doulton pm, fade to coloured Crown, hairline off rim, R$100
507 click to enlarge 507. KING GEORGE 6
135mm tall, King George IV Old Scotch Whisky, Royal Doulton pm, great shape & decoration, VG, R$175
508 click to enlarge 508. McNISH
90mm tall, coloured Tartan design, McNish’s Doctors Special Whisky, Dudson pm light wear, Good, R$100
509 click to enlarge

509. MAGEE
65mm yellow toned body, Magee Marshall Crown Brewery Bolton, HCW pm, VG, R$60

510 click to enlarge 510. KING GEORGE 7
120mm tall, bright Orange body, King George IV Top Notch Scotch Whisky, Distillers pm, VG, R$125
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