Please read the following terms and conditions before proceeding to the auction.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions below. Take me to the auction.


1. This is a minimum bid Absentee Auction, all bids will be handled as if you were present at the Auction, you can submit your bids by telephone, email or by post using the bidding form enclosed. The Auction will be conducted under the terms and conditions below.

2. Guarantee, We guarantee the descriptions of all items in this catalogue. Any item found to have damage or faults not described may be returned for a full refund within 45 days of the close of the sale. However any manufacturing flaw that does not detract monetarily from the value of the item being sold will not be considered for a refund.

3. Bidding, You may submit your bids using any of the following methods:
1. By Posting the bid sheet to us
2. By Emailing the bid sheet to us

You may also contact us at any time during the auction to check on your bid and find out what the current high bid is on any item. At this time you may also raise your bid if you wish.

Download the absentee bidding form here.

The following scenario is how our absentee system works:

Suppose you wish to bid on lot 123 and advise us your bid of $300 on this lot. At the same time another collector who also desires lot 123 bids $200, then we will post the high bid at $220. This will be your bid, i.e. 10% higher than the other bid of $200. If no other bids are received on lot 123 then you will be the successful bidder at $220 not the $300 you were prepared to pay.
The highest bidder shall be determined by Kiwi Auctions, in the case of any disputes Kiwi Auctions shall have the final discretion in determining the successful bidder

At no time will Kiwi Auctions or its agents divulge the amount of the maximum bid we have received even if that bid may be higher than the current posted high bid.

The following are how each bid will be raised:

Simply a 10% increment on the bid received below your bid, or in the case of you being the only bidder on a lot then your bid will be successful at the reserve price.

4. Call Back Service, you can request this service by filling in the appropriate box on the bidding form or by verbal agreement by telephone. However this service is only available on lots with an opening bid value of NZ$500 or more.
The same bidding conditions as described in clause 3 above will apply. All “Call Back” telephone calls are paid for by Kiwi Auctions Ltd. Given the diverse time zones of our customers it may take several days for all “Call Back” bids to be completed. Please note that you will never be told what your competitors high bid is during the bidding.
Where possible please provide us with home, work or mobile numbers and the best time to contact you.


5. Closing the Auction: all bids must be in our hands by Telephone, post, email by closing time 9pm on Friday 6th April 2018 (New Zealand Time). We anticipate many calls on the last day so please place your bids early. In the case of a tied bid the successful purchaser will be the bidder whose bid was received first

6. Reserves: these are the amounts disclosed on each lot, no bids will be accepted below these levels.
7. Terms: After the sale we PACK all successful purchases and THEN WE WILL NOTIFY YOU of the total cost including POSTAGE & PACKAGING. Because this sale is totally absentee we ask for your patience for approx. 14 days

8. Buyers Premium: There is a 12% buyer’s premium which is added to the purchase price, plus NZ GST (currently 15%) on the premium only

9. Prices realised: Will be posted on our Website after the sale

10. Payment: once notified of your successful purchases payment in NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS or in your currency after obtaining an amount from Kiwi Auctions, must be received within 21 days. Late payment will incur additional charges. Payment by Visa or MasterCard will incur a 3% surcharge to cover bank costs.

11. Foreign Exchange: We can now accept your personal cheque in your currency for payment, please enquire after the auction has ended for the amount due in your currency. Direct credit into our UK, USA & Australian Bank Accounts is also available



I have read and understood the terms and conditions above. Take me to the auction.

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