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Vintage Cameras & Camera Equipment

Vintage Cameras & Camera Equipment

Ends 30 Apr 2022 08:00 

All lots are available online on our bidding platform.


Kiwi Auctions are proud to present a slightly different auction and this one is for the camera collectors.

If it’s not something for you, pass on to someone who might find their new favourite collectable.

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Voigtlander Superb TLR Lens

75mm Skopar Accessories: Leather Case Age of Item: 1933

LOT 28
Rolleiflex White Face F TLR

Lens: 80mm Planar Accessories: Pistol Grip + Leather Case Age of Item: 1981

LOT 29
Zeiss Nettar 515/2 Camera

Camera Lens: 105mm

Nettar Age of Item: 1935

LOT 91
Voigtlander Bessa Rangefinder II Lens

105mm Heliar Accessories: Leather Case + Lens Hood Age of Item: 1951

LOT 54
Rolleiflex 3001 Camera with accessories

Lens, batteries and charger, Gear Bag, Film Magazines, Instruction Book. Age of Item: 1985

LOT 57
ZContax 111A Camera Coloured Dial

Lens: 85mm Sonnar Additional Lenses: 50mm Sonnar,135mm Sonnar Accessories: Leather Case Age of Item: 1936 – 42

LOT 82
Rectaflex Standard Camera

Lens: 50mm Flor Accessories: Leather Case Age of Item: 1949 – 56

LOT 90
Nikon S2 EP Military Issue

Lenses, Leather Case Accessory Finder 352025 + Cassette Age of Item: 1954 – 58

LOT 94
Canon 7 Camera

Lens: 50mm Canon Accessories: Leather Case + Auto-Up Close Up Attachment & Case Age of Item: 1961 – 64

LOT 124